iSynergy 3.9 Offers Up Collaborative Document Management

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Understandably, we've been a little wary in our evaluations of iDatix here at CMSWire. In February when we first reviewed them, we mentioned their lack of brand recognition as a contrast to the 451 Group's claim that iDatix had market disruption potential. Then in July, we questioned whether or not their iLink technology would be enough to garner global attention.

But then finally, in August, things were looking up for the young Business Automation software company when KMWorld called their content management system iSynergy a trend setter for 2008.

Today, with iDatix's recent release of their totally revamped and upgraded version of iSynergy (iSynergy 3.9), it looks like they're doing all they can to keep riding the wave of good fortune.

iDatix: Sweet Talkin' Automation Champs

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, the entirely self-funded company claims that they can take any process and automate it, which is like music to our ears.

Unsurprisingly, the iDatix mission is to "Simplify the Workplace", something we can all definitely appreciate. Specifically, their content management system iSynergy is built to be the "operational platform for information management."

Not far from the concept of the infamous Google Search appliance, the iDatix system is a browser-based document search engine that allows users to search for and view documents using keyword and/or index searches. Docs are organized into virtual filing cabinets called Applications and are linked together by index fields that are associated with each document.

Additionally, iSynergy automates the routing and processing of documents based on document type and document status.

Oh Come All Ye New Features

In the release of iSynergy 3.9, the considerate and attentive people over at iDatix have added both customer-requested features and enhancements designed to make iSynergy even easier to use and manage, while increasing organization efficiency for a completely paperless (kudos, we love trees!) and automated enterprise. The new highlights include: 

  • Revision Control
  • Application Level permissions
  • Full text indexing of pdf image documents
  • ScanDox ISIS support for high-speed scanning
  • iLink enhancements to support web-application integration
  • A new dialogue for each application

And The Winner Is...

Ever check out a book from a library, jot your own notes in the margins and then return it? Or have you ever been enamored by charming little margin doodles left by complete strangers? Well, strip all the romantics from that situation and you've got the basic premise for what is easily iSynergy's most important new feature.

Learning Opportunities

Revision Control provides support for collaborative document development and in-process document modifications. This means that, just like Wikipedia, users can work as a team to edit and develop documents, all without leaving the comfort of their individual cubicles.

Leaving no room for confusion, the program provides complete document versioning and maintains a detailed history and audit trail for all document changes. (You can easily keep track of who does what and ensure that mistakes and pointed fingers will be directed to none but the guilty.)

Like our library scenario, users can simply check a document out of the system, make revisions to it, and then check it back in again. Revision tracking and display of multiple document histories, as well as who checks a document in and out, gives iSynergy 3.9 users a powerful new tool in environments in which team participation is of primary importance. 

"With the release of iSynergy 3.9, iDatix has raised the bar, allowing users to drive innovation within their business by adding powerful new collaborative, security, and productivity enhancements," said Bob Stuart, CEO of J.D. Young, winner of the iDatix Reseller/Partner of the Year award for 2008.
Steve Allen, President and CEO of iDatix agreed. "We listen very carefully to our customers," he said. "They asked us for these new features and we were happy to comply with their requests."
It sounds like the 451 Group was on to something after all, doesn't it?

Making and Riding Their Own Waves

iDatix follows a clearly defined process when initially engaging with their customers:

  • Detailed Needs Assessment
  • Business Automation Planning, Design and Return on Investment Presentation
  • Client based acceptance agreement
  • Phased implementation process
  • Ongoing process improvement and enterprise adoption
  • Continued Services, Support, Education and Product Enrichment

That kind of organization turns us CMS geeks on, and speaks to the morale on which it sounds like they base their products as well. And isn't that kind of zeal and stability just really nice, especially in times like these?

To find out more about iDatix, iSynergy and what we consider their runner-up features, visit www.idatix.com.