iDatix Innovative Approach to Application Integration

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idatix releases new version of ECM iSynergy
Another ECM vendor recognizes the need to provide tighter integration with third party applications. This time it's iDatix, introducing the newest release of their enterprise CMS iSynergy v3.8. If you think you know how application integration works, think again.The story here with iSynergy relates to the enhancement of its application integration engine -- called iLink -- to be able to create custom links between "most third party applications".iLink provides the ability for a user to create buttons and keyboard shortcuts within their custom business applications that link to a particular function within iSynergy. Functions such as executing queries, scanning documents and using barcode functions are available to be linked up. According to the description of iLink, this is done with no programming at all. iDatix describes a link as a transparent window that sits on top of your business application displaying only the links you have created to work with iSynergy. This gives the appearance of true integration. It's an interesting approach.The new release claims to integrate iSynergy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Great Plains, along with Intuit QuickBooks and ACT! by Sage.Other features of iLink in this new release include things such as:* Hot Field shortcuts - Execute database queries from any application* SMART Field technology - Link to any field within an application* Anchor Groups - Tie iLink buttons to specific windows or tabs within an application* Click once deployment from within iSynergyiDatix is a relatively new company located in Tampa Bay Florida who is stirring up a bit of attention from some analyst groups. The 451 Group thinks that iSynergy has the potential to “make a disruptive impact in a staid space”. The iLink application integration technology is certainly innovative in it's approach to integration. Watch this video to see exactly how it's done.Is the iLink technology enough to garner them global attention? Visit them at the KMWorld & Intranets 2008 conference September 23-25 in San Jose, California.