iDatix ECM Makes KMWorld List of Trend-Setter
Yes, that's right, KMWorld has released it's list of Trend-Setting Products for 2008 and we have yet another vendor announcing they made the list. This time it's iDatix and it's enterprise content management solution iSynergy.We won't go into the history of this award from KMWorld since we've already did that this morning when we announced that JustSystems' XMetaL made the list. But we would like to say that having to wait to see the full list in the September issue of their magazine is a bit frustrating when anyone who did make the list already has bragging rights. But enough about that.

iSynergy Content Management

So what's so special about iSynergy that it made the list this year? It wasn't there last year, so something changed with the product to make people sit up and pay attention. It's a browser based content management platform, but so are most of the others. It's designed to ease the integration of business processes, human resources and document management, but again, so are most of the others. According to Steve Allen, CEO if iDatix, the award is " validation of the focus we have placed in developing a content management platform that is easy to use, decreases the burden on IT departments to implement, and drives bottom line value to the enterprise in the repeatable content oriented tasks that employees perform every day.” We think it may have something to do with iSynergy's iLink -- the application integration solution they recently announced. Considering they are still a relatively small fish in a sea of sharks and whales, this award is a big deal for iDatix. You can see iSynergy at work at the upcoming KMWorld and Intranets conference this September. For now, just head on over to their website and see what they are all about.