2008 KMWorld Names JustSystems' XMetaL a Trend-Setting Product
JustSystems, a Japanese software vendor specializing in XML and information management technologies, announced that XMetaL, the company's XML-based software for structured authoring and content collaboration, has been selected as a 2008 KMWorld Trend-Setting Product.KMWorld, a known information provider covering content, document and knowledge management markets, put together its sixth annual Trend-Setting Product List based on feedback from editorial colleagues, analysts, integrators and users about products that represent the best research and development of solutions for nearly every organization and industry. "This year's edition of the KMWorld Trend-Setting Product list has been compiled through briefings with vendors themselves, along with conversations with analysts, users and system integrators," said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-chief.

XMetaL Features

The latest release of XMetaL – 5.1 – is a powerful solution for structured content authoring. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated application with pretty much any CMS, publishing engine or globalization management system. XMetaL boasts user-friendliness and ease of use for non-technical authors and reviewers -- with powerful features for technical users.For DITA, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture, XMetaL’s out-of-the-box assisted authoring features an enhanced user interface with menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, styling and editing behaviors that hide DITA complexity and ensure rapid adoption of this important standard for technical documentation.

XMetaL Solutions

XMetaL comes in several different packages: * XMetaL Author Enterprise: for authors to create valid XML content using DITA or other XML architectures, * XMetaL for EMC Documentum: for users to create XML content while working with the ECM system, * XMAX: for authors to create valid XML content in either an embedded interface within a content management system (or other application) interface, * XMetaL Reviewer: for reviewers to collaborate and provide feedback to authors directly in a web browser and speed up approval cycle times, * XMetaL Developer: for developers to customize XMetaL Author Enterprise to create productive interfaces and processes.For more information on JustSystems and XMetaL, visit their web site. Curious to see who else is on the 2008 KMWorld Trend-Setting Product list? Wait for the complete list of winners that will be published in the September issue of KM World: in print and online.