The keynote stage at this year's Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco is lit in a nice blue light, conveniently complementing the red and white checkered cloth covering the table set up in the center. There's a small vase of yellow flowers and a bottle of wine resting on top.

But wait, isn't this the Enterprise we're to be talking about? Yes. Yes it is. But to Christian Finn and Alina Fu, Director of SharePoint Product Management and Product Manager of Microsoft's Social Computing sector respectfully, the best way to show off SharePoint 2010's enhancements is to take us on a little date.  

"I'm looking for someone who really gets me," begins Fu, her brow a tad furrowed just like a real single lady waiting for the right person to come along. Finn does the understanding head tilt just before diving into a run down of some of SharePoint's cool new features/enhancements, zeroing in on social aspects.

Finn explains that SharePoint 2010 has been "working out" in terms of user experience. Claiming to be AJAX focused, 2010 supports accessibility guidelines right out of the box, and stays an enterprise tool at heart.

"When I'm trying to get to know someone, I want them to see beyond my name and job title." 

Enter SharePoint 2010's profiling system, a note board Finn claims to be "similar to a Facebook wall" and a handy news feed. Surely, by incorporating so many social aspects and ways to conveniently obtain information, users will be able to see much more than just a job title. 

"Well, I like to do art in my free time. I need something that provides me with the right kind of outlet to channel and express myself."

Finn claims SharePoint 2010 has upped their game when it comes to blogs and wikis. New enterprise wikis reportedly allow users to build a knowledgebase and streaming media has been built in natively which is great for podcasts as well as social learning in general. 

"I'm an opinionated person. I want to express them!"

SharePoint 2010 supports comments and rating, and, according to Finn, the best feature in SharePoint 2010 is tagging. Tag clouds allow users to navigate through mountains of data, and because of the handy new news feed users can follow tags much like Twitter

"How will you protect me?"

Finn responds candidly to this one: "I'm from Microsoft. Lawyers are some of my best friends."

Jokes aside, his response touches on something extra special to our hearts: content management. Finn says SharePoint 2010's features extend socially, allowing a user to gain legal hold, disposition, etc. "just as much as you'd have against an Office document."

"I'm a unique person!"

Finn ends the 'date' by describing SharePoint's customizable look and feel, claiming options flexible enough to allow a user's space to really stand out on the Internet. Fu, of course, walks away looking pretty pleased.

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