Nuxeo (news, site) has announced that its content repository technology, has been approved and will soon be provisioned by the Eclipse Foundation (news, site). The project even has a new, much tastier nickname than the official Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository Project -- Apricot -- and it's just in time for summer.

CMIS Comes of Age

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the positioning of the CMIS standard with existing older content standards like Apache’s JCR-based Jackrabbit. Multiple standards will always exist in the world of technology, but the only true measure of success is the level of adoption by vendors and organizations.

Given the growth of unstructured content over the recent past, organizations are struggling to manage it in a predictable manner. Nuxeo's, now Eclipse's, content repository standard attempts to fill the gap that it believes has not been filled by predecessors. Apricot provides a common interface for content management functions, which should enable developers to more easily move between content platforms that implement the standard.

Open source Java-based ECM vendor Nuxeo has made a significant investment in CMIS technology, both in terms of thought leadership and resources. The vendor's products are developed on top of the OSGI component framework and offer users a very modular platform, that is also open for extension, for delivering content solutions from document management to DAM to case management.

Now that Apricot has been approved by Eclipse, the community will be developing a reference implementation expanding on Nuxeo's initial contribution. The implementation will likely expand over time, like most projects under Eclipse's management, but initially the project will include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Java interface
  • REST interface with JAX-RS
  • CMIS interface (HTTP and SOAP web services)

Key Content Repository Features

Several features will be provided by the content repository initial implementation:

  • Content Model definition
  • Relational data persistence
  • Content asset creation and management and its associated meta data
  • Audit trail / logging service to log all activity on content objects
  • Storage Services to manage files
  • Query Services including support for querying CMIS
  • Granular security and access control
  • Content workflow with import and export of content

In addition to the features in the initial delivery, more features will be delivered in a second round of implementation:

  • Nuxeo WebEngine REST framework for creating  user interface for a content repository
  • Nuxeo Content Automation a business rules automation framework

Community Involvement with Apricot, Nuxeo and Eclipse

In the spirit of community, Nuxeo made assigning a project nickname a public affair allowing the public to vote.  The public can also send feedback to the Eclipse Proposals Forum.