A new report by Dublin, Ireland-based Research and Markets finds that the enterprise content management market will hit US$3.5 billion by 2012 if it continues to grow the way it has been. Economic Outlook: Enterprise Content Management (Market Focus) reports that enterprise CMS is becoming one of the fastest-growing enterprise application markets, thanks in great part to investment optimism by users. This news attributes the sunny outlook in part to stabilization in the field as a recent onrush of mergers and acquisitions fade over the horizon. With the newfound quiet, vendors are expected to focus their efforts on integrating a diverse set of technologies into their various product portfolios. Research and Markets also found that the ECM landscape is polarizing into three distinct delivery clusters, upon which they elaborate in their publication. Key findings include: * New ECM technologies are outpacing traditional document management systems * Enterprises with small IT budgets are the primary movers for market growth, no surprise considering small and mid-sized businesses have begun to outstrip larger enterprise segments * APAC and EMEA are the fastest-growing markets * Cost reductions and better customer service drive ECM adoption all the more significantly * Legal and regulatory compliance remains a major driver in the market * CMS, business intelligent and product information management are experiencing significant overlaps, perhaps one reason why CMS vendors like Hot Banana are beginning to court cross-departmental services, like marketing aid * Microsoft is expected to dominate the SMB market and move higher up in the value chain. The more things change the more things stay the same, eh? * EMC, however, leads the overall market. It boasts top positions in both market impact and technology strength The report provides more in-depth information on the positions of major players, such as Microsoft, EMC and IBM, in the current and future landscape. It also: * Provides an intimate view of ECM's current state * Details major trends affecting ECM * Examines investment outlook and emerging and older technology, as well as competitive dynamics, within the market A hodgepodge of technologies, young and old, were analyzed to populate this research. The 20-page Economic Outlook: Enterprise Content Management (Market Focus) is available for purchase for a mere EU 2,028.00. Get your copy here.