If you are one of the 55,000 shared customers of EMC/Documentum and Oracle, then you just might be excited about the recently announced EMC Information Infrastructure for Oracle. If you're not a customer, stick around anyway and find out what all the hubbub is about.The duo have just announced the "EMC Information Infrastructure for Oracle". What's this about? The short version is that some bean counters at the two companies found a significant overlap in their respective customer bases. Seeing this as opportunity to generate more revenue on top of the already enormous sums being collected, EMC and Oracle have decided to join forces in the areas of testing, integration, solutions and support. The long version of the story involves EMC and Oracle attempting to solve four specific problems for their combined customer base. Data Warehousing EMC is now a partner in the Oracle Information Appliance Program. This program offers new, low cost data warehousing solutions that are designed to meet a customer's specific needs and budget. As is to be expected, the solutions are high performance, can be quickly deployed, and are easily scaled through of the use of "building block" configurations known as Foundations. This author recommends you take that last sentence with an Oracle-sized grain of salt as any IT veteran will tell you that you often do not receive what was described in the brochure. Oracle Unbreakable Linux In what will be great news for Documentum users, the EMC E-Lab has tested and qualified Oracle Enterprise Linux on core EMC platforms and software products. This means that EMC customers can now leverage the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program and gain the advantage of lower-cost computing delivered with industry leading service and support for their mission critical applications. All of that to say that EMC customers in general and Documentum users specifically now have yet another deployment option with respect to hardware and operating system. Enterprise Security Another aspect of this confederation is that EMC customers will now be able to leverage Oracle's identity management and data protection solutions while Oracle customers will now have access to EMC's security technologies provided by RSA. It goes without saying that security is on the mind of all IT managers, therefore the integration of EMC's and Oracle's security products will hopefully result in a few extra minutes of sleep for IT staff everywhere. Grid Computing Regardless of the power contained within a computer, storage is still a necessary part of the overall hardware architecture. As Oracle customers implement grid computing as part of their main stream computing infrastructure, they will now have access to low cost tiered storage from EMC. EMC and Oracle have announced joint reference architectures for midrange environments to assist in the rapid deployment of Oracle Grid Computing across EMC NAS or SAN platforms. All EMC Information Infrastructure for Oracle Solutions are backed by the EMC, Oracle Joint Escalation Center. Formed in 2001, this facility provides customers a single path for support -- accelerating time to resolution. For more information, visit the EMC and Oracle websites. Are you already utilizing the EMC Information Infrastructure for Oracle Solutions or have an opinion on this snuggling closer? If so, jump down to the bottom of this page and let us know what you think.