EMC Announces Cloud Storage Updates, Hadoop based BI Software#emcworld

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You can't expect EMC (news, site) to hold a major conference and not get a steady steam of partner announcements and a few of their own. Here is a look at some of the news coming out of EMC World this week.

Cloud Storage

EMC has launched the newsest version of its new cloud storage platform, Atmos 2.0 -- perfect for distributed big data and cloud environments. Atmos 2.0 can run in virtualized environment as well in a traditional server environment. New features of Atmos include:

  • Stores object segments rather than entire objects across distributed storage environments for unmatched protection
  • Provides transparent access to the cloud
  • Simplifies the integration of applications with a new Atmos Software Development Kit (SDK), with added support for Apple iOS and Centera integrated applications via Centera/XAM.

There is also API access to Amazon S3 services. Atmos is said to handle up to 500 million objects a day.

Cloud Storage for SharePoint

AvePoint provides a number of administrative products for Microsoft SharePoint, everything from migration to deployment to storage and archiving, and more. As an EMC Velocity ISV Program Partner, AvePoint has integrated its DocAve Software platform with  EMC Centera and EMC Atmos.

MetaLogix has also announced that StoragePoint, its external storage solution for SharePoint, now integrates with EMC storage solutions including Atmos and Centera. As we've told you, StoragePoint externalizes SharePoint BLOB content to storage locations outside of the SharePoint database, thus increasing SharePoint's performance.

In both cases SharePoint content can be offloaded into less expensive EMC storage, providing organizations using SharePoint a strong, secure infrastructure both on premise and in the cloud.

Learning Opportunities

Redaction in Documentum

Informative Graphics, an EMC Certified Partner, has announced that its collaboration and redaction solution Brava 6.2 is now integrated with EMC Documentum TaskSpace 6.7. This means that Documentum TaskSpace users can collaborate securely on just about any file type, and offers enhanced redaction features as well as support for more languages. Additional new features include:

  • Turn on and off various menu items to reduce screen clutter
  • Cut and paste annotations between Brava windows
  • Markup text can be entered both right to left and left to right
  • Improved Tablet PC functionality for annotations

Business Intelligence with Hadoop

EMC acquired Greenplum last year to ramp up its big data support (big analytics/business intelligence). At EMC World this week, it announced two new business intelligence solutions that use the open source Hadoop framework:

  • Hadoop-based EMC Greenplum HD Community Edition: fully-certified downloadable free software stack
  • Hadoop-based EMC Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition: designed for corporate data centers, it offers fault tolerance, multi-site management and data management features.

Along with the BI offerings, EMC has also announced the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance, also running Hadoop, to allow organizations to quickly get the BI software up and running. The appliance also uses a structured database developed by Greenplum.

The appliance is expected out late this year, and there is no pricing yet on the Enterprise Edition of the Greenplum BI software.