EMC Documentum Wins Best CMS Award in India

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Documentum wins best CMS in India
EMC Corporation has picked up another award, this one coming from India. Their famed EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management platform took home the Great Indian Developer Award at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2008.The Great Indian Developer Summit 2008 was organized by Saltmarch Media, who counted votes by developers in India and around the world for being the best content management system in a given category. Documentum was commended for providing a unified environment for storing, accessing, controlling, organizing, retrieving and delivering any type of unstructured information within an enterprise. They were also applauded for leading the industry in service-oriented enterprise content management and for presenting customers with a comprehensive suite of developer components and tools. Documentum was nominated in the Content Management sub-category of "Products Par Excellence" for its creation, categorization, workflow, publishing and delivery tools. It also received the largest number of votes amongst competition from other CMS big dogs like IBM Workplace Web Content Management, Oracle Enterprise Content Management, MOSS and others. Mr. Sarv Saravanan, Vice President and Managing Director at EMC India Center of Excellence, said, “This award comes as a fitting recognition to the innovation demonstrated by EMC Documentum to lead the industry into the next generation of enterprise content management in the industry. Documentum customers will attest to the advantages of having a unified content architecture which is vendor-neutral and services-based, and to the way EMC’s enterprise content management approach has changed the way their businesses build, configure and deploy today’s content applications.”EMC is known for its enterprise class content management system and its unified content architecture. Through its stability and scalability, organizations can seamlessly incorporate content management into its information infrastructure, which is why it's so darn popular and win so many awards. The EMC Documentum platform also supplies a client infrastructure with framework and tools that let users process and use content management functionality across a range of desktop, portal, or web-based applications.EMC Documentum has been keeping busy as of late, having recently launched new products based on XML technology. To learn more, head over to EMC Documentum.