It’s a beautiful thing when people get together and form relationships. But Oracle and EMC, which recently announced a plan to support Oracle Database, are truly a match made in enterprise heaven. Recent developments within this pleasant relationship lend customers the ability to successfully deploy Oracle Database 11g across all of EMC’s major platforms. Talk about an elegant solution. EMC, a Certified Advantage Partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork, has been an active participant in the Oracle Database 11g Beta Program for some time. And the effort's paid off, as the compatibility between Oracle and EMC will span across major EMC platforms like EMC Symmetrix, EMC CLARiON, and EMC Celerra networked storage systems. The collaboration should amount to reduced storage costs for customers—something no one can complain about. Furthermore, the new capabilities in Oracle Database 11g will augment EMC's Information Infrastructure for Oracle offerings, which should increase the business efficiencies of mutual customers. “EMC customers like what they see in Oracle Database 11g and our investment in testing and qualification will enable them to deploy it seamlessly,” remarked Chuck Hollis, the Vice President of Technology Alliances at EMC. “EMC brought its decade-plus experience in large-scale Oracle environments to bear on this opportunity to ensure we’re prepared to support production customers through the EMC Oracle Joint Escalation Center.” Designed for grid computing, Oracle Database is enjoying quite a makeover with version 11g. With increased performance, scalability, security, and ease of management, customers should be able to sleep sounder at night. Oracle Database, souped-up with 11g, is engineered to run on everything - from small blade servers to gigantic SMP servers, and clusters of any size. Its ability to manage various types of data -- from traditional business information to XML and 3D spatial information -- makes it a good choice for those seeking powerful transaction processing, content management applications and data warehousing. “Oracle Database 11g delivers an extensive set of new features and capabilities that raise users’ quality of service standard across the board for all types of database applications,” said Willie Hardie, vice president of Database Product Marketing at Oracle. “Working with EMC to perform interoperability testing of Oracle Database 11g with EMC’s networked storage platforms provides a unique level of validation for our customers deploying EMC Information Infrastructure for Oracle. Our customers can continue to benefit from the engineering relationship between both Oracle and EMC.” Are you an Oracle or EMC user? We'd love to hear what you have to say about this. Let us know what you think.