EMC SourceOne Adds Email Supervisor for GRC

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GRC is at the forefront of most industries and they all struggle with managing policy-based information so as to meet compliance and mitigate risks. Because email can generate massive amounts of information and is subject to great scrutiny, companies are always eager to implement new tools designed to make the management process easier. Like this new one from EMC (news, site).

Email Supervisor

Last April, EMC created a new family of products and solutions called SourceOne focused primarily on email management.

Today, they’ve announced EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor, a supplemental addition that monitors in and outbound email and instant messages for compliance. Developed to work against the EMC SourceOne archive, Email Supervisor administrators can set controls and add rules so that correspondence can be adequately monitored and audit trails are created.

We spoke with Greg Kosinski, director of product marketing, Jill Hearn, senior product marketing manager and Liza Goldberg, public relations manager about Email Supervisor and it’s impact on governance, risk and compliance.

Protecting Valuable Information

Whether it’s healthcare or finance, companies that collect and store valuable intellectual property, confidential financial and human resources records are strongly encouraged -- sometimes by law -- to ensure that the information is not improperly transmitted.

Learning Opportunities

The modular nature of SourceOne allows organizations to implement only the tools they need and add to it as they grow. Many of the capabilities featured, from customizing business policies for message sampling, intuitive navigation for flagged or highlighted messages, to the defensibility of supervisory review, make it easier for companies to monitor and review messages sent or received by any identified user.


Supervisors can create and manage review groups as well as assigned reviewers to each group.

Already available for integration, SourceOne’s Email Supervisor is just one of many of the additions and enhancements that companies can expect from EMC. Extending compliance and information governance through modular solutions not only protects valuable information, it also makes it efficient and affordable to do so.