EMC to Increase Indian Investment by $1.5 Billion
Infrastructure giant EMC (news, site) expands its activities in India with a tripling of its investment in the next five years.

Spreading the Wealth

Still mourning the loss of its founder, Dick Egan, EMC is continuing its ever-upward expansion with news of further investment in the India market. The money is earmarked for spending on R&D, expanding its Global Services division and staffing at its new Center of Excellence in Bangalore.

The aim is to recoup this investment by being at the forefront of the wave of India's technological expansion. EMC expects the India information infrastructure market to triple to over US$ 1 billion by 2011 with a lot of external storage being required to cope with all the data.

Other targets include cloud computing and personal storage, powered by recent company acquisitions.


EMC aims big in India

Make it Excellent

The new Center of Excellence triples the space of the previous facility and brings together EMC's key departments to drive the expected growth. It is one of EMC's largest facilities outside of America. The news is a big boost for India IT which has seen lowered investment in the last year.

The news will also benefit partner companies and institutes. One of the first benefits is a tie-up by the Center with the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)-Bangalore to fund a scholar program to improve research.