#emcworld: The New Face of Documentum

Today, EMC (news, site) made several important announcements about their Enterprise Content Management group and its main product Documentum at the EMC World conference in Boston.The most important of which is that the group's new name is now the Information Intelligence Group (IIG).

The Five Faces of the Information Intelligence Group

This is notjust a simple re-branding of the Content Management and Archiving Group. The new name reflects where EMC is now with their product suites andwhere they plan to go in the next few years.

It is characterized byfive product families:

1. Intelligent Information Governance

Thisis the SourceOne family of products.This includes the existingCompliance and Archiving line of products, Records Management andeDiscovery.As part of this family, they announced SourceOne forSharePoint, available after this quarter, which will provide archivingfor SharePoint 2010.

2.Intelligent Case Management

This is thehome of the xCP product line and the new home of the core repositoryproduct, Documentum Content Server.EMC sees Case Management as a muchused middle ground between projects and transactions.

3. Intelligent Information Access

The goal of this product family is toprovide content and information in a transparent manner to whateverbusiness context within which the user lives.The MyDocumentum suite ofuser interfaces and CenterStage are located here.

4.IntelligentEnterprise Capture

This is the home of the Captiva line of products. Scanning is getting some much needed respect and being allowed toprosper as its own product line.

Learning Opportunities

5.Intelligent CustomerCommunications

The focus of these products is communicating to clients,be it through a website or personalized communications.The recentFatWire partnership and the existing Document Sciences xPresssionproduct line are the focus.

Content Management and Archiving providesthe foundation for the revamped Information Intelligence Group, but itis being recognized that it no longer defines the group.

NewPartnerships, New Future

It was noted that 5% of the world'sinformation is structured, which can be measured in zettabytes.Withthat in mind, EMC is preparing to announce two new partnerships.One iswith SAP (news, site), with details coming next week at the SAPPHIRE conference. The second is with Informatica.

The Informatica partnership, beingannounced later this week, is aimed to close that 5% gap, allowing EMCto claim full Information Intelligence.While the devil is in thedetails, it is important to note that EMC didn't make the change tousing the term Information without looking at the complete implicationsof the term.

Finally, in keeping with the theme of the conference -- "The Journey to the Private Cloud Starts Now" -- it was stated that theentire suite is private cloud enabled now, with the exception of thesearch engine. The search capabilities will be private cloud enabled inthe third quarter.

The big goal for IIG is to move the entire xCPplatform to the public cloud.EMC’s plan is to enable businesses taketheir investment in xCP and allow them to deploy it to traditional datacenters, private clouds, or the public cloud without any changesrequired.