With the release of Guidance Software (news, site) version 4 of EnCase eDiscovery, you can now perform analysis and first-pass review capabilities at any stage of the eDiscovery process, such as during collection, post collection, or during and after processing.

More Tools for Gathering Facts, Analysis

By fully integrating all the functionality that in-house eDiscovery requires, Guidance Software hopes to bring cohesion to legal and IT teams throughout the enterprise. As well, the integrated format reduces costs associated with training and data transferring because it works to maintain and protect case and custodian data throughout the process rather than integrating from point to point.

By allowing users to perform analysis and first pass at any point, Guidance gives organizations an opportunity to gather case facts quicker, negotiate keywords with opponents and reduce the number of data sets before attorney review -- saving time, money and effort for all.

Making it web-based helps as well; now attorneys and their team can test keywords, view data and tag documents from any desktop, without having to install any software to do so.

Refining an Imperfect Process

eDiscovery is still not a perfect process, and is often only as good as a business is organized and forward-thinking. Thwarted with inefficiencies that leave room for risk, EnCase v4 is at least trying to make the process flexible so that analysis can be performed throughout, rather than just before or after.

EnCase eDiscovery v4 will be generally available by the second quarter of 2010, but users can get a sneak peak at LegalTech in New York, February 1-3.