Day, ApacheCon Europe '08,content management
Not happy to just let people come to their new developer portal, Day Software is heading over to ApacheCon Europe 08 in Amsterdam to do a little social networking. On Friday, April 11, Day's chief scientist, Roy Fielding will deliver a keynote address entitled "Apache 3.0 (a Tall Tale). Prior to his keynote Friday, look for Fielding's presentation today on "A Little REST and Relaxation". In this presentation, Fielding will discuss the REST protocol he developed giving conference attendees an solid introduction and in-depth overview. Other presentations by Day on Friday, include: * Senior developer for JEE and portal applications Carsten Ziegeler's presentation titled JCR in Action - Content-based Applications with Apache Jackrabbit. This might be a good presentation for anyone interested in winning that JCR Cup 2008. There will be a content management application demo during the presentation. * Another senior developer for Day, Jukka Zitting will give a presentation called File System on Steroids - an Introduction to JCR. This presentation is all about the JCR standard providing an introduction to the JCR API and Apache Jackrabbit. A great way to spend your Friday if you are a Java developer or architect. Especially if you want to win the first Day JCR cup, gleam all you can from the experts themselves. Details on the conference are found here.