"Constructing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System that makes good business sense for your organization" is the title of Reuven Cohen's upcoming workshop at the Enterprise Content Management conference in Denver, CO, July 25-27, 2005. The ARMA estimates show that in today’s business world more than 90% of the documents being created are electronic. Recent legislation, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, has increased pressure on both private and public sector organizations to maintain easy access to their information. Now more than ever companies are looking to Enterprise Content Management not only to protect against legal inquiries, but also to streamline workflow, increase efficiency of business processes and produce substantial cost savings! Given the large number of ECM products in the market, selecting the right solution can be a daunting task. Features, cost, usability, support will all play a role in choosing the system that suits your organization best. Reuven's workshop is intended to help you make an informed decision that makes sense for your particular needs. IQPC’s inaugural national conference on Enterprise Content Management was designed for those seeking innovative and practical solutions to corporate information management, electronic records management and workflow tools. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from and benchmark against industry leaders, who have successfully developed an ECM business case, selected the appropriate software vendor, implemented an effective ECM system, and managed the transition process. IQPC’s Enterprise Content Management Conference