In an announcement today, IBM has been named the lead Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor, in terms of worldwide license revenue. The statement applies to calendar 2004 and is based on a report by research firm Gartner, Inc. The report states that IBM is out in front of all ECM vendors. The ECM capabilities considered included integrated document management, web content management, records management, document capture, document-based collaboration and workflow.This marks the third consecutive year that IBM has been ranked the overall market leader as measured by new license revenue among ECM vendors. According to the report, the ECM market grew by 8.4 percent in 2004, driven by business’ need to leverage their data and meet changing regulatory compliance demands. IBM's big play this year came with the their latest version of the DB2 Content Manager portfolio, in March 2005. The suite of products includes DB2 Content Manager v. 8.3, DB2 Document Manager 8.3 and DB2 CommonStore 8.3. With this release IBM laid claim to the industry’s first content and information integration platform able to leverage and provide a single view of information across diverse enterprise data repositories.