SpringCM continues to develop SaaS platform
Want more signs that SaaS is becoming a must-have solution in these troubled times? You have to look no further than SpringCM (news, site) to get them.Last October, it beefed up its SaaS-based enterprise content management system with Version 4.5 and then again, in March of this year, with Version 5.1, adding a number of new features and enhancements.

Now, to add muscle to that, SpringCM has announced five new industry-specific applications available on its platform -- three of them from entirely new partners and two more from existing partners.

SpringCM, which provides a SaaS-based document management and workflow platform provides clients full access to 25 integrated enterprise content management products once they sign-up to the Web-based platform.


SpringCM Platform

With these five new industry specific solutions, the number of applications available to clients will be considerably increased, in what is sure to be a real recession beater.

Solutions For Small Businesses

The first of these new applications is an Accounts Receivable (AR) solution that manages the cash flow of a given business, tracks receivables, plans and predicts cash flow and prepares invoices and billings.

This product, created by Advanced Capture Team, has automated that process from initial customer order until final payment is received and will, they say, drastically increase the cash-flow cycle from invoice out to cash in, for small businesses.

Another application targeting small businesses and provided by StylusAP is a process outsourcing model that provides an on-demand accounts payable.

Stylus says by adopting this process companies will cut their document processing time by up to 50%, reduce paper user by 90% and dramatically reduce staff costs as the process can be downloaded from the SaaS platform.

Finally, amongst the new partners is Young Systems, which has developed a pen-based document management solution, SuCopia, that allows a company to upload documents that are being written in ink directly into the company’s computer. The information can then be manipulated on computer as required by other users in the company.

Learning Opportunities

Again targeting smaller companies, this application, will be used where legally-binding documents need not only be signed in ink, but stored as well.

Existing Partners Introduce New Solutions

However, as proof that SpringCM’s platform is a continually evolving work-in-process and that its current partners are an active part of that evolution, two existing partners have revamped their applications on the platform.

Harding Group Document Management Services has expanded its AkuTrust record Management (ERM) portfolio for K-12 school districts, while the US Archive and Imaging Services, Inc. has developed an image and document processing application for Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Building on its Student Records solution, Harding has developed a solution that will provide paperless records for school board minutes, facility plans, human resources and special education records.

The US Archive and Imaging Services has also revamped its SaaS-based Digital Mail Toolbox, allowing non-profit organizations to keep track of all of its documentation and images by creating an external content portal for members.

“Not only are we adding new partners to our community, but our existing partners are already delivering second and third-round solutions based on their initial experience with SpringCM. [] This demonstrates the true power of the SaaS model in action . . .,"said Dick Hoffmann, SpringCM's vice president of business development.

"The new releases, while heavily focused on process management, also includes enhancements designed to improve document-centric processing and the SpringCM user experience."