cms watch
According to the analyst firm CMS Watch, enterprise content management vendors are failing to meet the security requirements of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). They claim that, after evaluating a number of ECM technologies, these products are "lacking key security pre-requisites" and are "ill-equipped to meet the security requirements of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)". Ouch! say the big boys leaning forward in their leather massage chairs. "Separating out the SOA hype from the ECM reality remains difficult, as vendors have aggressively positioned their products as SOA-ready – while most are not," said the report's lead analyst, Alan Pelz-Sharpe. "When vendors talk about SOA, they mostly mean that they have SOAP-enabled their APIs," added Pelz-Sharpe, "but that's not really the point." The research done evolved around evaluating 30 of the leading ECM vendors around the world. According to CMS Watch as customers are demanding more enterprise integration and shared services in their ECM products, vendors are struggling to address the security issues that arise with this level of capability. This is interesting because many of the vendors in this space talk big about their SOA capabilities and we would like to think they mean more than building web services. CMS Watch provides a number of requirements for an ECM to be truly SOA enabled. These include: * Common set of services and standards * Awareness of content locations and whether it's the original or not * Identity Management product Integration * Directory Server integration (real-time and bidirectional) * Ability to track history on remote content * Syncing with offline devices where data is copied They say things will improve as major players like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft "become more involved in the delivery of ECM services". Well wait a minute - if they can create compliance solutions that spread across the enterprise, why can't they build better SOA environments? And is SOA a real requirement for ECM? Alfresco thinks not. Time to weigh in and tell us if you think SOA is a true requirement for ECM or if there's another way to integrate the enterprise for content management.