EntropySoft Offers Connector for Open Text Vignette
Many people may have spent their time wondering what will happen with Vignette now that Open Text acquired the company, but EntropySoft (news, site) doesn't seem to be one of them. Instead, they have spent their time working on an enterprise connector, making interoperability with Vignette that much easier.

Opening the Door to Vignette

Open Text finalized their acquisition of Vignette in July of last year. Since then, they've been working diligently to finalized how it will exist going forward. With Vignette 8, many things have changed, but the underlying architecture doesn't seem to have gone through any major evolution.

Which is good for EntropySoft. Their latest connector is the Open Text Vignette Content Management Connector. The connector, a single java library, works with the Vignette Management Console API. Using it, you can create and modify objects such as sites, channel, projects and documents.

Using the new Vignette connector, you can connect third party applications for capabilities such as search, eDiscovery and records management, or you can take advantage of EntropySoft's content hub or Content ETL.

CMIS Compliant Like the Rest

EntropySoft has made it clear that they are in full support of the new CMIS standard currently undergoing public review. The company has announced that the Vignette connector will support the CMIS standard as soon as the specification is approved.

In addition, EntropySoft has stated that all their content connectors, which run the gamut from EMC Documentum, to SharePoint, to Alfresco, to IBM FileNet P8 and many others, will also be CMIS compliant. And of course, to complete the support CMIS package, the Content Hub will also be compliant.

The need to connect enterprise systems together is a given, we know that. How an organization chooses to go about connecting these systems varies, but the smart ones don't build one off solutions that need to be modified every time something changes within one of these systems. Instead they rely on providers such as EntropySoft and on standards such as CMIS to solve their connectivity issues.

Learn more about what CMIS and Entropysoft can do for you.