Equilibrium MediaRich Provides Automated Media Workflows to Extensis
Equilibrium (news, site), a digital asset and media manager, has introduced MediaRich for Extensis Portfolio NetMediaMAX. Through a strategic technology partnership with Extensis, Extensis will integrate Equilibrium’s MediaRich into the release of Extensis Portfolio Server and associated products.

Managing Media Related Tasks

Managing imaging workflow just got easier. With NetMediaMAX, users can manage workflow repetition for faster production while freeing up desktops from media-processing tasks.

The MediaRich technology provides organizations the opportunity to process media-related tasks dynamically and automatically, distributing tasks to one or more external servers, which can be a time saver and cuts down on work that was once done manually.


Automate for the Repetitive Tasks

While designers and developers spend a lot of their time creating engaging designs and platforms upon which to host them, many of their related tasks are repetitive, in that they do they same beginning steps for each project. Equilibrium’s MediaRich technology allows an automated process to do the necessary, but mundane work for you.

The two digital asset managers can help manage and process images, sound and video assets for multi-channel delivery. Users can now employ the time-saving workflow imaging process with NetMediaMAX while enjoying the ability to create and edit graphics, video and audio through an automated interface.