eXo (news, site) has taken its relationship with RedHat one step further today by offering the first major deliverable that adds its enterprise content management and collaboration software into the new JBoss GateIn portal.

A Match Made in Heaven

Ever since a former JBoss employee joined the eXo team, eXo found that they shared a common vision with RedHat. With complementary solutions: eXo's enterprise content management and collaboration software and JBoss's integrated portal, and a common technical infrastructure, the relationship just seemed right.

They first announced the merging of the JBoss and eXo portals into a new single solution in June. This merging of code has resulted in the new JBoss GateIn portal project.


 JBoss GateIn Portal: This is a personalized dashboard that the user can customize with Google gadgets, which can be added with easy drag-and-drop functionality

Integrated ECM, Collaboration in GateIn

By merging their portal software, eXo has also provided tightly integrated enterprise content management and collaboration modules to GateIn. These modules have now become part of the GateIn roadmap.

eXo modules can now be deployed with either its own platform or on top of RedHat. This opens a new sales channel and set of integrators to eXo that they didn't have before as RedHat has a different customer base than eXo. 

Learning Opportunities

According to eXo CEO Benjamin Mestrallet, the new relationship, provideS eXo Platform with new scalability and technology, as well as increased visibility.


JBoss GateIn Portal: The portal home page once the user is logged in. The top toolbar allows the user to navigate in the portal or pages associated to the groups he/she belongs to or has access to

A Customer Based Company

eXo is what Mestrallet calls a customer based company. The open source solution provider has a history of building its solutions in partnership with its customers. So they know that everything they build fills the requirements of at least one customer. For example:

  • The US Dept. of Defense helped fund the development of eXo Portal (which is now integrated into the new JBoss GateIn project)
  • The Belgium Ministry of Finance helped define the key features for the eXo Collaboration Suite
  • eXo Document Management System was jointly developed with the State of Geneva as part of a €20 million eGovernment initiative
  • One of Paris’ suburbs, the Conseil General 95 (Val d’Oise), worked with eXo to create the Web Content Management System

Want to Try it Out?

The code for JBoss GateIn is available starting today as an BETA version. eXo is also at the RedHat Summit today showing off GateIn, as well as a new version of their Web Content Management System which will easily enable you to build your own website and manage the entire process through the portal.

eXo has both Community and Enterprise Editions of its platform, and a Government edition that is a supported version of the Community Edition.