eXo Platform is a French company focused on delivering an open source collaborative software suite. Around since 2003 and offering solutions like Portal, Enterprise Content Mangement, Collaboration and more, we decided to take a closer look to see what eXo was all about.

A Full Suite Solution

eXo Platform provides a full suite of open source solutions for the enterprise, as well as a few for OEM/ISV use. These include:

  • eXo Portal
  • eXo Web OS
  • eXo Enterprise Content Management
  • eXo Web Content Management
  • eXo Collaborative Suite
  • eXo Knowledge Suite


eXo Platform

eXo Portal / eXo Web OS

Solutions are built upon the eXo Portal and the eXo Web OS. Currently in version 2.5, the eXo Portal offers a single point into a user's applications and content. It includes the ability to personalize a portal view using groups, roles within groups and context to deliver custom experiences to employees, partners and customers.

Built on standards like JSR 168/286 and Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP), the eXo Portal leverages Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX to deliver a rich user interface.

The eXo Web OS is a special interface to the eXo Portal that mimics your operating system in terms of organizing your work through desktop windows. You can have one or more "virtual desktops" running and any number of windows within each desktop.

eXo Content Management

eXo offers both Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management solutions.

eXo ECM 2.2 offers a number of capabilities for capturing documents and other information including a Kofax plugin, forms, RSS aggregation and email. It includes all the standard enterprise content management capabilities such as document and records managements, workflow, versioning, collaboration and indexing.

You can also control who can see and modify document contents and deliver documents through various methods. Of course plugins for MS Office and Open Office are also included.

eXo ECM uses the Java Content Repository (JCR) technology and is JSR 170 compliant.

Learning Opportunities

With eXo Web Content Management, you can create and manage websites on the fly using templates and WYSIWYG editing capabilities. Other WCM capabilities include:

  • Media Library
  • Content Versioning and rollback
  • Friendly URLs and SEO
  • Content Categorization, commenting, workflow
  • Support for DublinCore Metadata

eXo has its own development language (WCML), built to leverage JavaScript for components integration and users can use WebDAV to change content and folders. It also uses standards such as JSR-168 / 286 and REST-based integration for portal integration.

eXo Collaboration and Knowledge Management

The eXo Collaboration Suite is a set of three tools: Email, Calendaring and Address Book. This is the newest application to come from eXo built upon the core platform. Completely web-based, the eXo Collaboration Suite offers most of the functionality you would expect in these types of offerings.

eXo offers two tools to harness the power of your collective intelligence in their Knowledge Suite: Forums and FAQs.

A Community and Professional Version

The eXo Platform is a certified open source implementation of the portlet API specification (JSR 168/JSR 286). It is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL). This is a free software license published by the Free Software Foundation and is similar to the GNU General Public License -- with the additional inclusion of a section on the usage of computers over a network.

There is both a Community Version and a Professional Version. The Professional Version is a subscription service that provides agreements around warranties, documentation, intermediate patches and bug fixes, technical support and more.

eXo Platform solutions can be downloaded at OW2 Forge.

Interested in hearing more from eXo? They are giving two talks at the OW2/Linux Solutions Meeting on April 2: Next gen Portals: how OpenSocial standard adds social to the mix and Which Portlet Bridge is made for you?