eXo has released the latest version of its open source portal,eXo 3.5. The release has lots of new features, but the big news may be theportal’s journey to the cloud.

The New eXo as a Service

There is no shortage of features in the latest release of eXo’s portal. The platform features a completely revamped user interface designed for greater readability and ease of use. eXo also added several new social and collaboration features to improve enterprise communication and engagement. An enterprise Wiki, forums, polls, FAQs and shared calendar components with remote calendar synchronization are all included in the latest release.


Other key improvements in the newest version of eXo include:

  • An enhanced social intranet sample application that can be deployed and used as is
  • New search engine optimization features
  • An embedded development environment that allows developers to build, customize and extend the platform on the fly
  • An enterprise portal framework that makes it easier to include enterprise capabilities like single sign-on and role-based security

Although eXo users will likely be excited about these features, the most notable enhancements in eXo are the support for mobile and the cloud. eXo 3.5 allows mobile users to access personalized dashboards and social functions from their iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Learning Opportunities

Saying that eXo added cloud support to its latest release is an understatement. The portal can easily be deployed to the cloud, but so can many other portals. eXo went a step further and created what they term “user experience as a service.” Of course this drips with marketing, but once you get past that, there is actually a real functional and technical improvement. eXo 3.5 has full support for multi-tenancy (hosting multiple isolated portals on a single instance), which allows organizations or service providers to offer a portal as a service to customers. The company also took a platform centric approach to the features, which makes it much easier to extend the platform.

Getting More Information

A consolidated list of the features and benefits in version 3.5 is available on the eXo site. If you are tired of reading about the latest release, eXo’s  CTO  has created a short three minute walk through of the features in 3.5.

You can also jump right in and get hands on with the new release. eXo 3.5 is available now in enterprise and community editions. The community edition does not include production support or the mobile and cloud deployment options. A 30-day trial of the enterprise edition is available for download.