EntropySoft Releases A New Oracle UCM Bidirectional Connector
For organizations who have invested in Oracle Universal Content Management and want to expose its content to other systems and applications, EntropySoft has created a connector just for you. And it's bidirectional to boot. EntropySoft is a specialist in content integration technologies. They currently own over 25 different bidirectional connectors to various products. The latest connector to be added to their portfolio is the Oracle Universal Content Management 10g bidirectional connector.

Bidirectional Connectors

The Oracle UCM Connector exposes most, but not all, of the underlying features of the ECM allowing an organization to expose data to other third party applications or EntropySoft's own engine services. The connector contains read, write, permissions, versioning and metadata features of Oracle UCM. Says Raphael Jean, EntropySoft CTO,“We included the major new Oracle UCM features and support all Oracle automatically-applied metadata coming from various document sources such as Word files, e-mails or images." EntropySoft has created content connectors for many other Enterprise Content Management solutions including Interwoven Worksite, SharePoint, EMC Documentum, FileNET P8, Open Text LiveLink and more. All connectors are said to be non-intrusive and can be used remotely. In addition, they all use a common API (that is fully documented). Does this connector have anything to do with Oracle's role in CMIS? EntropySoft doesn't mention the proposed specification in their connector information, so it's unlikely that the spec has been used to create it. They have their own platform upon which their connectors have been built. Which means it must be custom built. Will a solution like this matter now that CMIS is out there and vendors are using it? For the foreseeable future we expect CMIS won't take away from connectors like EntropySoft. But we do expect to see these types of vendors looking at how to implement the new ECM Specification in their solutions -- at least once it becomes an official standard.