Back when cell phones were only phones and not mobile devices, many of us noticed that too many interfaces were poorly supported or not supported at all. Now with the advent of the iPhone and other savvy mobile devices, users are able to enjoy mobile-friendly interfaces and applications. This concept is not lost on FatWire Software, a leading web content management provider. They recently announced that they will resell, service and support netomat, Inc.’s Mobility Server to complement FatWire's web content management and Web 2.0 collaboration solutions. FatWire customers will be able to automatically publish and deliver web content to mobile devices including Smart Phones, PDAs, handhelds, iPods and iPhones via netomat Mobility Server. They can interact with and share content from their mobile devices, as well as participate in mobile community and collaboration-based features. Partnering with netomat Mobility Server gives Fatwire users the ability to receive and share content including rich media on their mobile devices. It also enables organizations to support the mobile channel as a tightly integrated extension of their traditional web channel, much like the way Presidential campaigns and other social causes have. As more and more companies embrace the power of Web 2.0 technologies, the goal continues to focus on creating a "more personalized and interactive experience" for users. By attempting to provide a seamless way for users to manage, deliver and share content via the mobile web, with support for thousands of different device models and a myriad of content formats, individuals will not be limited but will have "instant access to news, blogs, and RSS feeds via their mobile devices". Now that we can all access all the content we desire, we can only hope the content lives up to our expectations. Learn more about FatWire Software and netomat Mobility Server.