Another new coupling in the Content Management industry has just been announced. This time it's between IBM (news, site) and Quark, a vendor of publishing software. This partnership, they say, will see the adaptation of XML across entire enterprises by integrating Quark XML Author in the IBM FileNet Content Manager.

This new integration is designed to eliminate existing problems surrounding the creation of enterprise-wide DITA-based XML and allow any user working in Microsoft Word to author content that can be used and reused in multiple channels or formats.

XML Inaccessible To Non-Techies

Originally, technical writers adopted XML and its off-shoot DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), to achieve consistency across enterprise documentation and to try and keep that documentation either updated or easy to update.

However, apart from a few technical writers, until now this has remained outside the grasp of most non-techie users.

And this is where the new integrated system comes into its own.

By integrating Quark’s XML Author with IBM FileNet it will no longer be necessary for enterprises to bring in technical writers capable of manipulating XML code, or spend development budgets on teachingbusiness users complex tools.

Authoring Tool For Everyone

Using the authoring tool, everyone, with minimal training, will be able to author and manage the structured content involved in managing business processes such as intellectual property compliance or compliance with regulatory mandates. These functions, in fact, will all become automated.

The XML Author will also allow the capture and management of business content more effectively, enable the enterprise adaptation of XML and DITA across and entire enterprise and ultimately increase the returns on content management investment.

"Quark's goal is to move XML authoring from technical experts to non-technical business users and content owners, making it easier for enterprises to create and manage intelligent, structured content," said Ray Schiavone, President and CEO of Quark. “. . . working with IBM ECM [we are combining] easy and familiar XML authoring with the benefits of enterprise content management."

Learning Opportunities

XML Authoring With MS Word

Using Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, users create content as easy as writing a normal Word document.

However, the content is structured according to XML and DITA standards managed in the IBM FileNet Content Manager 4.5. The Author kicks-in when a business user attempts to edit an existing XML document or create a new one.

The Authorhas remained invisible, but at this point it slips in and modifies the interface to correspond with XML requirements.

While many functions operate as normal, others change slightly to give the user appropriate choices to ensure content conforms to the business requirements of the XML standard in use.

At the same time, theAuthor also makes sure that the work being created is constantly being updated by XML, thus eliminating the need to go through the same process again in the future when the original content needs changing.

This tool takes authoring out of the hands of techies and places it firmly in the hands of business users who, at the coal face of any enterprise, are the ones who are most likely to have to change and manipulate content in the first place.