Flypaper Takes Flash Content Management Sky High
Few companies scream innovation like Flypaper Studio, Inc., creator of one of the handful of Flash Content Management Platforms available.

Already touting the capabilities of the newest and still unreleased version of their solution (Flypaper 2.5), the company is sky high with optimism. The jewel of the release? Bringing Flash to the cloud.

Last we saw, Flypaper’s focus was on the creative side of things. Version 2.0 heavily promoted a hands-on way of working through collaboration between clients and real-time assistance from outside professional agencies.

Hoping to step it up a rung, Flypaper 2.5 will reportedly focus on not just collaboration, but easier file conversion, a slew of creative features, and a Web based application for both remote and on-the-road sales forces, partners and other employees.

"Our 2.0 version really set the stage for companies that need a complete Flash platform to develop all of their enterprise content from eLearning to marketing,” said Pat Sullivan, CEO of Flypaper Studio. Since its release, we've listened to our early adopters and with version 2.5, have answered many of their most pressing needs.”

The Pressing Needs

Flypaper version 2.5 reportedly includes the following key features and benefits:

Web editor: Once a project is created and stored in a company's online repository, multiple users can then access and customize the content. For example: changing text, swapping out an image, or inserting new media files. Original content creators can decide which elements can be repurposed and which ones need to stay "locked."

Single SWF conversion: Users can now convert entire projects or pieces of projects as a single SWF file. This will make it easier for users to export, integrate with other applications, and integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Enhanced dashboard: The Flypaper dashboard lets users collect and track viewer data in the cloud, now with enhanced usability. With the updated dashboard, users can now view their projects plus the projects of other users throughout the company, allowing for greater data collection, as well as embed tags, links and email in each project.

Simpler UI: Flypaper now has a simpler interface for users to search Flash elements, drag and drop components to project maps, manage users, and add customized animations.

Less pressing additions include the ability to search online repositories faster than in 2.0, a "pause" button for previewing stories, fill-in-the-blank options for LMS reporting, a shift from automatic to manual updates to give users more control, and a new "Marketplace" to search already created Flash projects and pages.

Still a Pretty Penny

Seemingly refusing to yield to the poor economy, Flypaper is still charging a steep price for their solution. Annual licenses are US$ 1,495 for single users, or as an enterprise package that includes 10 seats for US$ 4,995 per year. Also, the Web editor can be added as an upgrade for US$ 195 per seat. The company does, however, offer volume discounts as well as government and educator pricing.

If you need a demo before dropping that kind of dough, we understand. Luckily for you, Flypaper is at this year’s ad:tech San Francisco event until April 23rd. If you can’t get your seat over there by then, worry not, you can also register for one of the company’s weekly online demo’s here.