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In today’s economical crunch, companies are drowning, shifting and morphing. It’s not pretty. In fact, any time serious changes take place within a business, the rest of the world braces itself in anticipation of a news article reporting the resulting few (thousand) cut workers.

That’s why Stellent founder Robert Olson, who recently purchased BI software company Swiftknowledge and assumed the chief executive officer role without cutting any employees at all, could be considered a modern day hero.

A Hero's History

Olson was founder, chairman of the board and CEO for Stellent, Inc. an enterprise content management software provider. A powerful company under the watch of Olson, Stellent grew from US$ 14 million in sales in 1999 to US$ 100 million in revenue in 1997, to the whopping US$ 440 million it was sold for in March of that year when it was acquired by Oracle Corporation.

SwiftKnowledge, LLC. was a privately held company founded in 1999 by Daniel Moloney, Ph.D. and Allie Gentry. The pair developed the company in response to a recognized need for easily deployed, web-based business intelligence (BI) solutions designed for, and used by, the ever popular non-techie.

More than 10,000 users worldwide currently utilize SwiftKnowledge products and their BI technology has been awarded several patents for its unique security and scalability functionality.

“I’m excited about the opportunity at SwiftKnowledge, LLC for a number of reasons,” said Olson. “I’m particularly excited about the instant business benefits SwiftKnowledge’s BI technology provides to organizations, given today’s challenging financial environment. The leading-edge product can be deployed very quickly and is easily used, putting great power in the hands of business users."

Business Intelligence Critical in this Climate

Olson no doubt sees something special in the BI market that is perhaps being overlooked or taken for granted by many others. He tackled and rocked the content management world at the perfect time, reaped tons of benefits and obviously plans to do the same with Business Intelligence. Will he be successful?

He’s certainly off to a good start by retaining all of SwiftKnowledge’s original employees, including Moloney and Gentry. Moloney assumes the roles of president and chief operating officer; Gentry is the new company’s chief technology officer and chief financial officer. Both parties seem to have confidence that Olson will prove to be an excellent leader.

“The current economic climate demands organizations have immediate, increased visibility into their business,” said Moloney. “SwiftKnowledge’s powerful BI software quickly and economically gives companies easy, flexible, unified access to data, so they are alerted when opportunities or issues arise, and can take proactive measures to address them. With Bob’s guidance and leadership, we believe our technology and company now are poised to reach their full potential.”

The Future Is Bright

Reportedly, SwiftKnowledge will initially focus on specific vertical markets – such as banking – for which the company offers comprehensive, integrated solutions consisting of pre-packaged applications and configured components.

Watch the rest of it play out by keeping SwiftKnowledge's website in your bookmarks.