Forrester Webinar on Best Practices for Enterprise Doc Management
You work in an organization where critical documents need to be securely stored yet easily available to those that need them. You also collaboration on those documents with other employees and/or partners who are a little farther away than in the next cubicle. That's your story. It's not unique -- it's becoming the norm.

We all need a sane way to manage, share and collaborate on these docs. But you, like the rest of us, are busy and you don't have the time to research each and every potential vendor solution.

What you want to know is what have others done and how it either succeeded or failed.

IntraLinks and Forrester are running a one hour online session entitled: New Trends in Ultra-Critical Document Sharing: Case Studies You Can Put to Use Today.

What should catch your eye is the case-studies bit.

It's about what organizations have faced, what they have done to resolve their issues and how it worked. These are real world case studies for managing partnerships, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, compliance and financial audits. And some of them come directly from mouths of people who work in these organizations.

You are on a need to know basis. And you need to know, now. Actually you probably needed to know yesterday, but we can't help you there.

Strike your fancy? Sign-up here. The event happens next Tues the 17th at 2pm EDT, 11am PDT.