It was only a week or so ago that we told you that your information is safer on the cloud. Now, a new report from Forrester Research says that most companies aren’t yet ready for the cloud. In fact, only a startling 5% of companies are ready for cloud deployment.

Are You Mature Enough?

That isn’t to say that there aren’t benefits to being in the cloud, it’s just that most enterprise infrastructure and operations (I&O) companies lack the experience and maturity to manage such a cloud-based environment.

According to You're Not Ready For Internal Cloud, the biggest issue companies face involve their inability to “deliver a standardized and automated computing environment to all of their business units on demand.” In other words, most companies approach their inner clouds with little preparation of long-term plan of how to operate in the cloud.


Learning Opportunities

Source: Forrester Research

Ultimately, while it can take companies several years to develop a mature infrastructure that can be migrated to the cloud, in the short term, the report recommends that companies start dabbling with cloud computing with new projects, as their developers and business leaders aren’t going wait for them to catch up.

Get Your Infrastructure in Order

From outlining your most commonly repeated operating procedures to providing self-service access for internal users via a service catalog or portal, these are just some of the ways that companies can start to get ready. From a big picture perspective companies are strong encouraged to map out what’s called a maturity plan, which can help organization prepare for various management and automation technologies, process improvements that must be made, and standardizations that have to be realized.

Reports like Forrester’s are important because companies need to realize that following the latest trends takes more than just implementing them. Like anything, it takes mapping out a strategy that can handle current and future infrastructures and deployments. Life might be better in the cloud, but it takes a lot to get it that way.