Marketing and tech firm FourMangos is collaborating with Sitecore, a .NET Web CMS provider, to build a web content management solution that appeals to both marketers and devs. According to President and CEO Neil Fennessey of FourMangos, "This application, coupled with FourMangos’ innovative creative and web strategy, lets us offer our clients a more flexible architecture which allows them to be more resilient to changing strategies and content requirements." FourMangos typically provides integrated marketing, enterprise solutions and strategy offerings for organizations worldwide. It is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (A far cry from Sitecore, which is in Copenhagen.) Aside from news of the partnership, there's no word yet on what the creative and tech-oriented enterprise CMS solution will be. But nothing brings a migraine on like the mental image of creatives and techies fighting over the same toy -- something we addressed after a SEO session at ad:tech Chicago. Collaboration between the pair will only grow more necessary in the next couple of years, so here's to hoping the solution's an elegant one. Plus, FourMangos and Sitecore are no strangers to such unlikely harmonies. They've worked together on a few projects previously. And last summer, Sitecore flirted with rich web to help improve corporate intranet technologies.