AIIM Seminar: Is SharePoint Enough?
AIIM, one of the oldest organizations in the world focusing on ECM, ERM and BPM, prepared a special treat for all of us in the ECM world – a free, one-day seminar on Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007) and traditional ECM technologies. The goal is to get educated on whether SharePoint is really the tool for you to reach your organizational goals, or is it simply yet another application among many others used to build a content management solution. In other words, is SharePoint enough?The seminar aims to shed some light on the top 10 questions about MOSS 2007 and traditional ECM technologies: # Do you need MOSS 2007 or an advanced ? # What is the functional comparison between MOSS 2007 and advanced ECM systems? # What are the architectural framework implications as a result of implementing MOSS 2007? # How to control the costs of a MOSS 2007 implementation? # What are the policies that should govern implementation and administration? # Who in the organization should own MOSS 2007 and/or the existing ECM systems? # Which system should serve as the official system of record? # What about metadata and information taxonomy synchronization? # Can MOSS 2007 meet specific enterprise search requirements? # How to accelerate the implementation of solutions that leverage both MOSS 2007 and advanced ECM solutions? According to AIIM, Microsoft SharePoint currently positions itself square in an organization's content infrastructure. During the seminar, attendees will be able to share experience and gain insight into: * Improving process efficiency and cutting costs * Providing faster and more reliable customer service * Ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing risk * Enabling collaboration for employees and partners The seminar will start with an opening session discussing the state of the Business Process market and the distinction between transaction-based and document-centric process management. AIIM also plans to share the results of its latest research and provide insight into how organizations are applying technologies to achieve process efficiency and content integrity. Several vendor demonstrations and case study presentations comprise most of the seminar’s day, concluded by a closing session that will provide a more intensive view on the reality of implementing BPM in the organization. The seminar is scheduled to take place in the following locations: Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Minneapolis, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Toronto – from mid-September through the end of October, 2008. Registration is open here.