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What is better than a new e-book about Microsoft SharePoint 2007? A free new e-book about Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Tech publishing powerhouse SAMS is releasing an electronic version of the brand-spankin'-new Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Unleashed. If your organization is looking to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft's collaboration and content management suite or if you are looking to Microsoft for your virgin foray into enterprise cms, then this new e-book is an excellent place to start. As a point of fact, an instructional piece of work is only as good as its authors. The authors of the e-book are the same dynamic duo that brought us SharePoint 2003 Unleashed, which went on to become a bestseller in the technology category. Michael Noel is a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer and a member of the exclusive Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program. He brings nearly 20 years of information technology and technical writing experience to bear as part of a collaborative effort that helped bring this oeuvre to life. Michael's partner on this project, Colin Spence, is a Microsoft Certified Programmer and was consulted by Microsoft as a Subject Matter Expert when Microsoft designed tests for the new version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The e-book encompasses 22 chapters, spread across 4 sections: * Part 1: SharePoint 2007 Overview, Planning, and Implementation This introduces SharePoint 2007 and continues on to cover topics such as: planning and architecting a deployment; planning for redundancy and scaling; planning the user environment; installation Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007; and migrating from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007. * Part 2: Using SharePoint 2007 Technologies Assuming that a new instance of SharePoint 2007 has been installed and deployed as of Part 1, this covers: using and managing libraries and lists; designing and managing pages, workspaces, and sites; Word, Excel, and Excel Services; implementing records management and enabling web content management; benefits of enhanced search capabilities. * Part 3: Managing a SharePoint Environment With SharePoint '07 up, running, and being used, the focus shifts to managing a growing Sharepoint 2007 deployment. Topics include: managing and administering the SharePoint infrastructure, securing a SharePoint environment, maintenance and monitoring of environments and databases, backup and restoration. * Part 4: Extending the SharePoint Environment At this point, the authors assume that readers have pushed version '07 to its limits and are looking forward to the next version. But there remains work to be done while waiting on the crucial piece of infrastructure software. The e-book concludes with information about extending SharePoint 2007 to meet a set of new and advanced requirements. Topics include: configuring email-enabled content and Exchange server integration, enabling presence information with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, providing secured remote access to Sharepoint using ISA server 2006, using Designer 2007 to extend workflows and customize the user experience, exploring business process and business intelligence features in SharePoint 2007. With 837 digital pages, the e-book is not for the faint of heart. However, the size is justified considering that the range in features for you to learn, master and use have doubled from SharePoint '03 to '07. The authors intended the e-book to first educate the architecture and infrastructure group, then move on to developers and administrators, then the support staff, and finally go back to the architects for a second lifecycle. Whether you are just beginning to investigate Microsoft SharePoint 2007 as a solution or are simply waiting for the CDs to arrive, we encourage you to download a copy of the e-book and get started learning. [Editor's Note: The ebook appears to have be offered for free inappropriately. We've removed the link and apologize for the misleading information. You can find additional information here.]