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Two new add-ons for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) 2007 strive to not only make it easier and faster for users to locate their content but also enable them to store content in SharePoint directly from Outlook.Taking advantage of the growing SharePoint market, along with the ubiquitous usage of Outlook for email management, Colligo Networks announced Colligo Contributor for SharePoint Version 2.1. The key new capabilities and changes in Colligo Contributor for SharePoint Version 2.1 include:
  • New Outlook Add-in. Colligo Contributor 2.1 includes an ActiveX control that plugs into Outlook 2003 or 2007. It enables users to synchronize SharePoint 2007 document libraries to Outlook folders using a convenient "Connect to Outlook" selection on SharePoint menus.
  • Synchronization on Change. By default, Colligo Contributor 2.1 immediately uploads content to the SharePoint server when it is added or changed by the user (if online). When the user accesses a SharePoint folder in Outlook, server changes are downloaded to the client. Configuration options also support background synchronization on startup, exit, and specific time intervals.
  • Online or Offline. Users can choose whether a document library is available online or whether it is cached and therefore available offline, too. Whether online or offline, content can be added to the doc library manually using the drag-and-drop functionality of Colligo Contributor or automatically via Outlook rules.
  • Multiple File Actions. With Contributor, users can now add multiple emails and documents at once to a Colligo for SharePoint document library. Users can set metadata for multiple files at the time they are added or later by selecting a group of files and then clicking Edit Properties.
At the same time that Colligo is ratcheting up the integration between Outlook and SharePoint, Mondrosoft is working to provide consistent and extensive search across MOSS 2007 and WSS sites. With the release of Ontolica Search, Mondrosoft takes the existing search functionality of Sharepoint Server 2007 and beefs it up with the following:
  • Consistent search across WSS and MOSS
  • Federated search
  • Drill Down
  • Wildcard search (*)
  • People search with wildcard option
  • Improved AND, OR, NOT boolean searching
  • NEAR search
In true Microsoft fashion, SharePoint 2007 continues to expand its presence in the content management space not only by building an improved content and document management platform but also by developing an active community of partners and developers. Mondosoft and Colligo are but a few. Other recent announcements include IBM backup solutions for SharePoint, Vamosa and Proposion content migration solutions for SharePoint and fellow aggressive partner maker Open Text chiming in. The eco-system is ticking.