Assess and Manage Information Risk With Free Tools From Recommind

Over the past year, we’ve pondered about how to best manage workflow, including all facets of information management. Due to the recession’s impact and the threat of litigation, those in the enterprise are still resisting those topics.

There are many resources available at the enterprise level. Among them, Recommind’s new Risk Monitoring Center (RMC).

In a recent survey conducted by Osterman Research, Recommind, a provider of search-powered information risk management (IRM) software found that risk or no risk, uncontrolled information is left largely unmanaged and most enterprises are still not working proactively to limit exposure.

Assessing the Risk

Within the RMC, companies can assess their risk, educate themselves and stay informed. From information management, eDiscovery, records management, compliance issues and more, the RMC lets prospective customers get a feel for the managed life.

Read about Case Law & Regulations and stay current on issues that affect your industry.

Staying Alert

Tethered by Information Risk Alerts, breaking news about incidents, lawsuits and other unfortunate consequences being faced by keeping unmanaged data, general counsels, IT managers and other knowledge workers can use the alerts to inform senior executives and begin formulating the appropriate response.

Read about the latest Information Risk Alerts and identify relevant actions for your organization, as well as sign up for RSS feeds.

Ranking the Threat

If after assessing their risk and being pinged with disaster alerts, companies are still not on board, Recommind brings out the big guns.

A Risk Assessment Guide, titled "Is Your Enterprise ‘Information Risky’ or ‘Information Ready’?" outlines a step-by-step guide ranking the threats associated with information risk. The hope is that individual employees can assess how prepared their organizations are to handle and respond to specific incidents such as eDiscovery events or increased regulatory scrutiny.

Download a copy of the Risk Assessment Guide and determine your Information Risk Score.

Getting Help

If the RMC sounds like a drug-treatment program, it’s sort of the point. Recommind is staging an intervention for companies who have gone too long without a data management strategy. A last ditch effort to convince them that it’s never too late to ask for help and that they don’t have to go it alone.

If you or someone you know has a problem managing your data or to learn more about the Risk Monitoring Center, seek assistance at