Twelve years of content management research is now free and they've launched a CMS business & technology blog. The Gilbane Report announced today that it has made all Gilbane Reports available free of charge at, and that there will no longer be a charge for subscriptions. In parallel a new Gilbane Weblog was announced. It will will provide interactive commentary on the information technology market, technology, and trends that the Gilbane Report is known for including content management, XML, document management, enterprise search, enterprise information integration, digital asset management, and others. The new blog will be authored by Gilbane analysts and consultants. "The addition of the new business blog will provide a much richer and dynamic environment for communication with our customers and colleagues in the content management community," said Frank Gilbane, Editor & Publisher of the Gilbane Report. "In combination with the 12 years of reports, news, white papers, and case studies on our website which are now free and permanently referenceable, we have a uniquely powerful way to reach and converse with our tens of thousands of readers around the globe that need to stay current on content technology." "Personal and political blogs are perhaps the best known part of the blogosphere, technical blogs are already central to the larger conversation about where enterprise computing is headed", says Bill Trippe, Senior Editor and Consultant at the Gilbane Report. ...and yours truly couldn't agree more. Check out the latest posts at the Gilbane Blog.