GlobalSight Corporation announced today that it has entered into agreement with enterprise content management software provider, Mediasurface, for integrating end-to-end Web content creation into GlobalSight's Ambassador product. The new functionality will be sold as an add-on module to Ambassador. The joint solution combines localization automation software with state-of-the-art web content management tools.GlobalSight chose Mediasurface following a review of other content management system (CMS) technologies for its product stability, ease of use and integration. While Ambassador will continue to integrate with other content management solutions, organizations that have not deployed a CMS now have the option of deploying a fully integrated end-to-end environment that enables authoring and multilingual content management. "Ambassador has always provided packaged adapters to all content repositories to easily reduce localization costs where customers had already installed ECM software," says Doug Chapin, GlobalSight Chief Executive Officer. "The Ambassador ContentManager Module now provides a complete solution for customers needing global content management and the ability to control and repurpose multilingual assets." Learn more.