GlobalSight: The First Translation Management System

For those of you that brushed off the idea of open source translation management, or never dared to dream of something so too-good-to-be-true, hold on to your hats because Christmas has come early.

Sponsored by Welocalize, GlobalSight for Clay Tablet 2.0 is set to release on January 5th as the first open source translation management system ever.

As you probably know, an important element of content management is translation management. Companies want to be able to communicate with as many different people as possible, and most of them do that by using a translation management system that works in conjunction with their CMS.

The great thing about GlobalSight is that instead of working in conjunction, it's designed to provide support for Clay Tablet 2.0 to enable connectivity to a wide variety of content management systems and repositories. Can you imagine the impending possibilities? This approach is said to ensure "out of the box" connectivity to several different content management systems and integration possibilities with most others.

GlobalSight will launch as the first open source TMS product that provides a scalable translation management platform for companies to manage, translate and deliver global content. .

“As we are approaching our launch date to release a more scalable version of GlobalSight, we cannot meet all requests for enhancements -- those will be addressed by the open source community," admits Gary Prioste, VP of Technology Services at Welocalize. “Clay Tablet 2.0 provides a neutral and prevalent platform to connect with a wide variety of content repositories. By using the Clay Tablet SDK, GlobalSight users will be able to connect quickly and easily to their content management system of choice.”

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