Google, in its quest to entrench itself into the enterprise space, has announced its Custom Search Business Edition (GCSBE): a simple and inexpensive way for small businesses to add a customizable, Google-powered search box to their websites. In a few simple steps, businesses are able to sign up online for the hosted service, and minutes later, customers and visitors are able to search their site with the supreme power of Google. The GCSBE expands on Google’s Custom Search Englne, introduced in October 2006, by adding business integration features through an XML API, a more customized look and feel, the option to turn off ads, and email and phone support. It joins other enterprise search offerings such as the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini, which both offer secure access to internal documents and additional control over crawl depth and timing. "Millions of businesses have a web presence but offer users no ability to search their site," Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager of Google Enterprise shrewdly observed. "While many of these businesses invest in search advertising and search engine optimization to help customers find their business, customers are left on their own to navigate content once they land on a site.” To set up the Custom Search Business Edition, a business simply identifies the site(s) to search, selects either all or selective searching of content, then adds and customizes the search box to match the look and feel of their site. The business can then choose to further customize the search results with refinements that reflect site content, such as sectional groupings. In a beaming testimonial, Andy Steggles, the president of Holiday Home Rental, relates his experience implementing GCSBE on his website and the resulting 30 percent increase in referrals to their homeowner base. “The results have been overwhelming. The newly implemented Google search tool truly enriches the user experience by giving them the power to simply think and type their search parameters, which propels them to a more accurate and meaningful result set." With GCSBE, small businesses receive full customization of search results through an XML API, the ability to set up, purchase, and manage results online; and reporting features that offer insight into visitor behaviors. When implemented successfully, GCSBE should lead to higher conversion rates as the robust search features help customers find what they need more quickly. It should also reduce help inquiries by allowing users to find their own answers. Businesses interested in signing up for GCSBE can do so for $100 a year for searching up to 5,000 pages, and up to $500 a year for support for up to 50,000 pages. Google’s enterprise sales group handles customers interested in support for larger volumes of pages. And check out Google’s GCSBE site for more information.