This week in Governance, Regulation and Compliance examines the current state of eDiscovery and issues within the oil, gas and energy sector.

A Critical Need for eDiscovery Certification Standards

On the Legal Technology News site, results from an annual survey by Socha-Gelbman revealed a great need for qualified eDiscovery professionals. The report indicated a shortage of expertise in the market-place with providers, law firms and corporations and is likely to grow over time.

The shortage of professional within the eDiscovery field comes as a result of inadequate training and the lack of certifiable standards or procedures. The need for qualified eDiscovery professionals piggybacks on what Charles Skamser, founder and CEO of eDiscovery Solutions Group remarked recently at a Chicago area luncheon for litigators and global information management professionals.

Mr. Skamser says that “the quicker the leaders from within the eDiscovery and GRC markets establish and enforce both standards and certifications, the quicker we will begin to see a normalization effect that will enable the entire industry to move forward in a more coherent way.”

It is peculiar that for industries that are highly regulated and subject to strict standards and regulations, those handling issues related to meeting them would be unregulated. As eDiscovery professionals begin to undergo more serious and consistent training, their demand will likely grow.

For now, however, most companies, while employing capable and reliable eDiscovery platforms, will suffer from a lack of in-house experts.

Oil, Gas and Energy Need eDiscovery, too

The need for eDiscovery has been acknowledged by the oil, gas and energy industry. On October 14-16, 2009 in Houston, Texas, one of the first eDiscovery events catering to these industries will take place.

The program offers cost-containment best practices, judicial perspectives and proactive strategies for record management, global privacy issues, litigation management and emerging technologies that affecting eDiscovery processes.

Among the industry participants represented will be Exxon, Shell, Chevron and Marathon Oil. Learn more at