Since the ILTA conference in Las Vegas there have been a number of developments in GRC. Open Text for one has introduced new services and software to ensure SharePoint 2010 sites conform to corporate governance guidelines, while Guidance offers to bring e-Discovery in-house.

Open Text and SharePoint 2010 Governance

SharePoint 2010 is getting just about everywhere. For GRC, Open Text (newssite) has recently announced a new set of products and services that will manage large numbers of SharePoint 2010 sites centrally and ensure that with all the information contained in them corporate governance is not compromised.

The consulting services will be led by Burntsand which joins Open Text after its recent acquisition and a large team of consultants specializing in SharePoint 2010 and enterprise content management implementations. Open Text says their objective is to deal with information that is left in legacy sites after a company has moved on to other projects, but which still poses a risk to the company.

Using the recently released SharePoint 2010 version of Open Text Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Open Text Case Management Framework for SharePoint 2010, Open Text services will take control of unmanaged SharePoint 2010 deployments.

Moreover, it can help accelerate the rollout of critical projects by giving users simple tools to create and deploy SharePoint 2010 sites and applications in accordance with corporate governance policies and manage the entire lifecycle of SharePoint 2010 sites. Open Text's solutions for Microsoft are offered as part of the Open Text ECM Suite.

Guidance Offers Unified e-Discovery Platform

Keeping e-Discovery in house is one of the things that legal teams just love to do. It’s often not easy though. Guidance Software, however, has just released a new unified e-discovery software platform that offers enterprises that option.

EnCase eDiscovery v 4.0 provides a single, unified solution that addresses all of the stages of the electronic discovery process that organizations want to keep in house.

With it, Guidance says, enterprises don't have to spend time or money trying to integrate incompatible point solutions for each step in the e-discovery process, or transfer data between, and train users on disparate systems.

There are three principal advantages here, says Guidance:

  1. It eliminates the need to deploy multiple products to address e-Discovery.
  2. It bridges the gap between legal and IT through a common shared data repository and purpose-built interfaces. 
  3. Offers legal hold that ensures legal obligations are met with better tracking and enforcement of legal holds.

Check out the website if you want to find out more.

RSA’s New Cloud Security and Compliance Solution

EMC (news, site) continued to develop its cloud security software recently unveiling its RSA Solution for Cloud Security and Compliance at the VMworld 2010 conference. The solution aims to reassure companies that using the cloud is OK and very safe.

The RSA (news, site) solution uses a dashboard-based platform that centrally manages security across both VMware virtual infrastructures, as well as physical infrastructures. The dashboard integrates with a library of more than 100 VMware-specific controls that map to the most current global regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA to ensure best practices for deployment.

On the security side, the solution integrates with the RSA enVision security information and event management platform, providing a comprehensive assessment of security events from across the enterprise. RSA will no doubt be coming back to this again so watch this space.

Datanomic and ExlService Partner for Compliance

Meanwhile, for those concerned with compliance outsourcing and transformation services, provider ExlService Holdings, and compliance and data management solutions specialist Datanomic have combined their complementary capabilities to deliver compliance solutions and services for joint clients.

This seems to be a growing trend amongst companies -- teaming up with someone else to fill the holes you can’t fill yourself. In this case, the partnership offers customers a new end-to-end service to configure and implement compliance screening with execution support.

This will enable organizations to identify existing and prospective customers who may present a threat to the organization under Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and a wide range of other compliance legislation.

Teams from both companies will be extensively trained in each other's expertise in order to effectively sell, implement and support the services for existing and prospective clients.

Norton Unveils 2011 Offerings

Finally, for home users (and others) Norton (news, site) has unveiled its 2011 versions of Norton Internet Security suite and Norton Antivirus software. It also unveiled a new product that will remove fake antivirus malware when it shows its ugly head.

New features for Norton's 2011 include "reputation-based" detection technology (where the software will check a downloaded file to see if it can be trusted) bolstered behavioral malware detection (detecting malware based on how it acts on your PC), and new system performance monitoring tools.

It has also introduced Norton's Bootable Recovery Tool, which enables you start up your computer even if it’s completely shot with malware. All products are for sale from Norton now.