Hippo CMS 7.1

We’ve covered their previous version -- Hippo CMS 7.0 -- in some detail. It was a major release with serious changes to the content management system’s core.

This 7.1 release does not bring significant news, but does introduce some changes that Hippo CMS users should take into account.

Hippo (site, news) says the focus of this version is on stability, usability and performance.

Usability Changes from Hippo 7.0 to 7.1

Folder Actions

Some changes came to folder actions in Hippo CMS. Such actions as Add new document and Add, Rename, Delete, Order Folder can now be accessed as a context menu in the folder tree. In Hippo CMS 7.0, folder actions where located in a dropdown called "Choose one," which must’ve been not as user-friendly.

To see the menu, just hover over a folder in the folder tree.

hippo folder actions.png


Hippo CMS 7.1 Folder Actions

Improved Workflow Toolbar

The workflow toolbar now groups document and publication actions in a dropdown menu located under the currently selected tab in review mode.

Review mode gives you read but not write permissions. You can also request to schedule publication or publish. From here, you can also go into the edit mode.

hippo publications actions.png


Learning Opportunities

Hippo CMS 7.1 Publication Actions

Tab Handling Enhancements

Hippo CMS tabs now have a close and a separate save button. Also, a new tab now always open on the left side (moving the other tabs to the right), and a new review tab will now stay open, so you can have multiple documents open in review mode.

Observations Plugin

A new plugin communication mechanism has been launch to replace the existing inter-plugin "jcr flush" broadcast. The new plugin can now register itself as an observer for a piece of data. For a demo of this functionality, open the CMS in two browser windows. Changes in one window will automatically appear in the other one upon save.

Stability and Other Hippo CMS Improvements

These are some of the highlights from a very long list of bugs and enhancements fixed and implemented in the new version:

  • Several Xinha issues were fixed in the HTML Editor
  • The dialog "OK" button no longer needs to be double-clicked
  • GUI changes for icons, colors, etc.
  • Browser support for IE 6 and 7, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome

Don’t get too excited about being able to used Hippo CMS in IE 6, though. There is still a number of known issues with rendering.

Hippo CMS 7.1 Stability Fixes

  • Fixed thrown exceptions
  • Fixed workflow cycle issues
  • Fixed deadlocks
  • Multi-user stability improvements

Hippo Site Toolkit 2

In addition to making Hippo CMS more usable, the vendor released the Hippo Site Toolkit 2 (HST2). The new HST will allow you to configure your Hippo CMS-driven website in a less painful manner.

HST2 provides a set of developer tools for building websites using modular component-based interaction and processing of any resources. In addition, there’s out-of-the-box URL mapping, link rewriting and preview and live environments.

What’s Next for Hippo CMS?

Several things didn’t make it into 7.1, but are currently in the works. The Jackrabbit SPI layer is coming soon and the code base is being prepped for this architectural change. The SPI implementation is targeted towards better performance for cases when the CMS/content repository and the website are running on separate VMs.