Hippo Sponsors ApacheCon 2008
Hippo, a European content management and portal provider, is sponsoring this year’s ApacheCon USA where it will also present advice for developers. Who: Ate Douma, portal architect at Hippo What: * "Building a custom Apache Jetspeed-2 Enterprise Portal: features, status and road map" is the first session presented by Douma, and will offer in-depth information on new features on improved integration, JSR-286 support and better control of data. It will also examine the future plans and provide a demonstration of the most important features. * "Using Portlet API 2.0 (JSR-286)" is a session exploring the new portlet specifications. With the hype surrounding portlet API 2.0 now being available, he will provide an overview of improvements and new features, sample code and detailed explanations of how to use the new portlet specification. When: Wednesday, November 5 at 10:30 A.M. Where: ApacheCon US 2008, Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA. ApacheCon US 2008, held November 3-7, is the official conference of The Apache Software Foundation. Attendees meet, mingle and exchange ideas with like-minded participants on groundbreaking technologies and emerging industry trends, through informal networking, peer discussions, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions and entertaining social events.

About Hippo

Founded in 1999, Hippo didn’t gain a threshold in the U.S. until early this year, when they acquired the open source portal software company BlueSunrise. Now international, Hippo does business from both Amsterdam and San Francisco. Their products include: * Hippo CMS: for publishing web and intranet content. This native XML content management system is suited for organizations that have large amounts of unstructured data. * Hippo Portal: streamlines and authorizes various information sources in your company. The portal technology (JSR-168) enables you to integrate back-office applications without losing control. It allows for personalization and extensive rights management. * Hippo Document Management (CDM): is suited for maintaining technical documentation (compound documents). It can handle complex XML structures and still allows for lightning fast retrieval. Hippo will also be showing a sneak preview of their Hippo CMS version 7 at their booth. For more information on Hippo, visit their Web site at www.onehippo.com. Or, for more information on ApacheCon USA, visit their Web site here.