Hummingbird Ltd., a leading global provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, is pleased to announce that Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) has won the Network Computing Editor's Choice Award for integrated document management systems. Evaluated in a comparative real-world review of five leading document management solutions, in response to a sample Request for Information (RFI), Hummingbird Enterprise - DM earned top marks for its rich set of collaboration and image-capturing tools and its superior functionality in the records management arena.Featured in the March 18, 2004 edition of CMP Media LLC's Network Computing, the review cites Hummingbird Enterprise for its strong features to manage e-mail as records and handle both digital and non-digital assets, all at a moderate price. In addition, Hummingbird Enterprise scored high marks for its DM solution as part of an overall Sarbanes-Oxley compliance strategy. The document and records management, collaboration and workflow capabilities of Hummingbird Enterprise enable users to track, audit, manage and retain documents pertinent to the audit process. According to Network Computing, the candidate systems were judged on several key factors including the ability to treat e-mail and attachments as documents and records, feature sets available to manage a document's lifecycle and the quality of records management functionality. Criteria used to evaluate records management functionality within the systems included the ability to map and enforce an enterprise record-retention policy, identify documents as records and apply discrete rules for access and control. "In the end, Hummingbird Enterprise was our Editor's Choice, thanks to its mature records management component. It can include Outlook messages and attachments as records. It can manage physical documents and objects that aren't in the document repository. Hummingbird's DM system has the goods," wrote Network Computing Editors. The feature-rich functionality of Hummingbird Enterprise - DM received top marks from Network Computing. Additional Hummingbird Enterprise modules and applications cited by the publication include: - Hummingbird Collaboration - Provides a secure Web environment where teams or groups can edit documents. The workspaces offer discussion threads and shared task lists and calendars, and they provide document- and folder-level security. - Hummingbird RM - The integrated records management component identifies a document as a record and files it according to a predefined "file plan" for disposition and retention. The file plan includes the business logic that determines a record's lifecycle and disposition. Users can capture e-mail messages and attachments from the user interface and save them as records according to the file plan. - Server-based message capture for Exchange - A wizard utility on an Exchange Server establishes criteria to determine which e-mail messages and attachments should be stored, indexed and categorized as records. In the event of litigation or an investigation, retention policies for messages can be suspended to comply with official investigations or discovery requests. "We are particularly honored to receive this prestigious acknowledgement for the integrated document and records management capabilities of Hummingbird Enterprise," said Andrew Pery, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Hummingbird Ltd. "This recognition from such a highly regarded publication is a clear validation of Hummingbird's industry-leading suite of knowledge-enabling technologies that enable corporations and governments worldwide to manage business content throughout the entire lifecycle, streamline business processes, and optimize knowledge transfer across the enterprise." To read the full Network Computing integrated document management systems review, entitled: "Document Management Systems - Averting Document Disaster," visit: About Network Computing For IT, by IT, Network Computing (, published by CMP Media LLC, Manhasset, N.Y., is dedicated to providing critical analysis of technologies, vendors and products to 220,000 IT Managers and Staff who are accountable for strategic technology purchase decisions. In 2003, Network Computing won a total of four awards from the American Society of Business Publications Editors (ASBPE), including a national award in the Best Technical Article category. About Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) Hummingbird Enterprise provides an integrated platform for enterprise content management that provides global organizations with solutions to manage business interaction information such as documents, records, virtual deal room exchanges, discussions, email or financial data - linking business processes, information and people. Our solutions are designed as modular applications that are fully interoperable with each other, enabling our customers to incrementally build an enterprise content management solution to meet their evolving information needs in a cost effective manner. About Hummingbird Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM) is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions. Our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions enable organizations to manage the lifecycle of enterprise content from creation to disposition. Hummingbird Enterprise solutions enable organizations to address critical business needs, such as information management, business continuity, compliance and risk mitigation. Founded in 1984, Hummingbird employs approximately 1450 people and serves more than 33,000 customers, including 90% of Fortune 100. Hummingbird solutions are sold directly from 40 offices worldwide and through our Alliance Network of partners and resellers. For more information, visit