Hyland Takes SaaS-based Enterprise CMS Solution to Europe
Ohio-based Hyland Software has announced that it has launched its SaaS enterprise content management system OnBase in Europe with its first operation centre already opened in London.

As a specialist in medical document management, they really couldn’t have picked a better location as the English National Health Service, like its counterparts across Europe, are just about bankrupt and will be in the market for any solution that will cut costs.

Hyland's OnBase enterprise content management suite provides integrated document management, business process management and records management in a single application and can be deployed on-premise or as a hosted solution.

While it is applicable across an entire range of enterprises and has targeted itself at mid-tier and Global 2000 enterprises, at the beginning of this month, following its takeover of Valco Data Systems, Hylands’ CEO A.J. Hyland, identified healthcare providers as its single biggest market.

SaaS For Europe

But it is specifically the hosted solution that is being made available in Europe -- a hosted solution incidentally that was selected as a 2009 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards finalist in the Software-plus-Services, Development category last month. It didn’t win the overall award, but being selected will do no harm to its ambitions in Europe.

Hyland does say that companies will be able to change to the on-premise edition if needs be.

“Each company has to determine, based on any number of unique factors, which option is best for them. And, over time, circumstances may dictate a change from one method to another. It’s why we offer on-premise and SaaS ECM . . .” Ron McClellan, director of OnBase Online and Hosting Services for Hyland Software said.

Pick n’Choose ECM

So what exactly is that you get? Well its a bit of this or that depending on what you want.

According to Hyland, OnBase Integrated Document Management and Workflow solutions enable you to manage and optimize complex business processes, but also allows you to pick and choose which particular items you want to include in your package.

In doing this, you can align critical content with core processes and business applications, as well as track, expedite and interlink information streams throughout the enterprise.

OnBase supports advanced features such as alternate routing logic, automatic criteria calculation, simultaneous notification and load balancing. Its API functionality enables integration with core legacy systems.

Core Features include:

  • Standalone solution for managing business processes
  • Point-and-click configuration for rapid deployment
  • Usable, effective rules processor
  • Application Enabler for point-and-click LOB application integration
  • Line-of-business application-centric, task execution
  • Load balancing
  • Simultaneous notification
  • Automatic criteria calculation
  • Reporting plug-ins
  • VB and API integration paths

Only in London since the beginning of July it is too early to predict how the SaaS solution is going to go. However, with the downturn as bad in the UK as it is in the US, and with current predictions of a double dip recession now making the headlines, its a good bet that this will be popular.