IBM and Google Provide eHealth Initiative

IBM and Google have partnered to improve the capabilities and value of personal health records – a core element of smarter healthcare delivery - starting with Google Health.

In collaboration with Google and the Continua Health Alliance, IBM launched new software that works to enable personal medical devices used for patient monitoring, screening and routine evaluation to automatically stream data results into a patient’s Google Health account or other personal health record (PHR). From there, patients can direct how their “health diaries” will be shared with physicians, family and other members of the extended care network.

To realize the impact of their collaboration, consider the busy mom, who can receive daily electronic updates on the health status of an aging parent who lives alone, is suffering from high blood pressure and is on multiple medications; or a traveling businessperson, who is able to have a real-time discussion about her health with doctors and specialists hundreds of miles away. It aims to be a convenient and reliable method for accessing personal health records.

Connecting Patients and Doctors

IBM's software helps users connect personal medical devices to Google Health and other health-record systems. It will allow patients to exchange vital health information with their doctors and other health services professionals more easily, and in real-time. By extending the value of PHRs to consumers, it also helps to ensure that such records are current and accurate at all times.

Once stored in a PHR, the data can also be shared with physicians and other members of the extended care network at a user’s discretion. As a result, health professionals can provide more timely feedback to patients on their conditions, suggest treatments and help improve overall quality of life.

Information Management meets Business Intelligence

IBM integrated the capabilities of information management, business intelligence and the WebSphere Premises Server sensor event platform with Google Health. Google Health launched last May and is free to users and available online at

The new IBM solution will be able to:

  • Support a wide variety of use cases, including chronic disease management, health and wellness and elderly care, both in the United States as well as in countries and health-services enterprises around the world.
  • Leverage the power of Services-Oriented Architectures, so that the partners can quickly build increasing volumes of flexible solutions for healthcare consumers and services providers based on modular components.
  • Support the rapid growth of open standards through the power of the Continua Alliance, which is dedicated to enabling interoperable healthcare products and solutions.
  • Support the development of solutions using the Google Health open platform.

It is clear that eHealth is the inevitable future of healthcare. As technology makes important and often critical medical support and assistance more readily accessibly to hard to reach places, whether rural or third world, the IBM, Google Health, Continua Health Alliance initiative helps to facilitate patient-doctor interactions in a way that makes sharing personal health records unthreatening and easy, yet safe.