IBM and Xenos Highlight Streamlining Enterprise Content Manag
Xenos (news, site) has been doing enterprise content management for around a quarter of a century providing cross industry solutions for enterprise content management and enterprise report management . The company celebrates its achievements with IBM's ECM Software ValueNet Strategic Technology Partner of the Year Award for 2008. What are the capabilities that IBM thinks so highly of?

Saving the Digital Environment

With a track record of being dedicated to streamlining, reducing, refining and improving enterprises' documents and information, Canadian firm Xenos uses the same phrases you see from the green movement to describe its primary Enterprise Server -- "Reduce, reuse, recycle structured and unstructured data."

The Java powered system is scalable, fault tolerant and customizable through its own API. It eliminates issues of data integration between an organization's various applications by providing interfaces required to get incompatible technologies and systems talking to each other, including the most commonly used protocols, contemporary applications and systems deployed by enterprises today.

A range of extension products beef up the Enterprise Server with features for any organization with multiple document/information sources.

  • infoWEB helps move information around the business and external web, putting data where it is needed at the right time
  • d2e Vision transforms information between formats.
  • terminalONE helps move information and transactions between businesses.

Take the SaaS Route

For smaller, or larger, organizations that lack the resources for a fully deployed solution, Xenos OnLine is a SaaS system that reduces the costs associated with document transformation, data transformation, content archiving and eDelivery, with Xenos staff doing the manual work.

Xenos OnLine transforms, indexes and re-purposes print stream document and image formats on-demand. It can transmit or deliver documents to Xenos OnLine. The company then processes and returns the resulting output.

It can be used for transforming document formats for high-volume printing, transforming and indexing documents for load into ECM archives.

It can also extract contents from documents for downstream straight through processing and recompose documents with current branding and messaging.

IBM Specific Solutions

In addition to its cross industry solutions, Xenos provides a number of specific solutions for IBM including:

  • Xenos ePresentment for IBM Content Manager OnDemand
  • Xenos Loader for IBM FileNet P8 platform
  • Xenos DSR - Document Storage Reduction for IBM ECM products

Learn More

You can learn more about Xenos and its solutions by visiting their website.