Transform Magazine's editors recently reviewed IBM's DB2 Content Manager Express Edition V8.2, the newest IBM Express offering for small and medium sized organizations. DB2 Content Manager Express is a low-cost content management solution geared toward image-based document management, search, retrieval, viewing and routing within departmental deployments at small and midsized businesses. IBM's recent focus on the SMB market and specifically on the "M" market has lead to the release a number of new "Express" offerings. Express is more than just a pricing strategy, IBM has a whole set of criteria that a product edition must meet to be certified as Express. A couple of highlights from the review include: Hoping to gain marketshare among small and midsize companies, IBM recently introduced DB2 Content Manager Express V8.2 (CM Express), a "lite" version of its DB2 Content Manager V8.2. ... "Overall, there is a companywide initiative to target small and medium businesses," says Nancy Kreps, IBM product marketing manager, adding that these companies typically have 100 to 500 employees. "Customers are looking for products that are still robust, but relatively simple to install and use." ... Strengths: Low price includes Express editions of the DB2 Universal Database and WebSphere application server. Wizard-driven installation takes less than two hours. Open API supports integration to other applications. Search engine supporting metadata and full-text search is included. Weaknesses: Lacks capture, workflow and report management (COLD) capabilities (though it does include basic routing). Limited to Windows servers with up to two CPUs. Users can upgrade to DB2 Content Manager Enterprise Edition, but this initial release lacks an upgrade path with discounts or credits for your initial investment. Price: $9,375 per server (with up to two CPUs) plus $1,063 per concurrent user. Read the original article.